Frequently Asked Questions 



Q:      Can you ship international? 

A: We are now able to ship to international addresses as well as to APO addresses. SoMega Dollar Days will not deliver COD international. Please keep in mind Extra fees may apply for international shipping. Free shipping N/A!! We can deliver to the following country codes: DZ,AU,AT,BS,BE,BR,CA,CL,CN,CO,CR,CU,DK,DO,SV,FI,FR,GE,DE,GR,GL,GP,HT,HN,HK,HU,IS,IN,ID,IR,IQ,IE,IL,IT,JM,JP,JO,KE,KP,LR,MG,MY, MX,MN,MA,NA,NL,NZ,NG,NO,PK,PY,PE,PH,PN,PL,PT,PR,QA,SA,SG,SK,SO,ZA,GS,ES,SD,SZ,SE,CH,SY, TW,TH,TR,UG,UA,AE,GB,UM,VA,VE,VN,VG,VI

Q:      Can I send my items to have them personalized?
A:     We Can Not & Do Not allow customers or companies to send us their items to personalize.  We can only guarantee our inventory.
Q:      I bought the wrong item. What do I do?
A:     It is important that when selecting the items you want to do so carefully. We understand that many items look the same, some of them have very similar names. If you are unsure about anything, we are here to help, please contact us asap on this issue.
Q:      Can I pay by check?
A:     Yes you can. In addition to credit cards, we also accept bank checks, personal checks, and money orders. But please keep in mind that no orders will be despatched until check payments have been cleared by the bank. Checks normally take around 3 working days to clear. Please see "Help" Returns & Check Return Policy   for more info.
Q:      Do you sell/trade on eBay, etsy, Amazon?
A:     Yes, we do.